A product to build your career in international education

NAFSA: Association of International Educators, the world’s largest nonprofit association dedicated to international education and exchange, set out to create an interactive digital tool to serve a long standing need: an evaluation tool that would help individuals and managers working in international education to track their skill development over the length of their careers and find professional development opportunities. I led the branding, UI, and messaging efforts for this product.
We worked with NAFSA in an agile development process to build an interactive, responsive digital evaluation tool that engages NAFSA’s user groups in different ways. The visual language and user journeys were created first. The UI reinforced the idea of using charts that progressively built themselves and a growing college campus illustration.

For team leaders or managers at institutions, the tool provides an interface to customize and send skill evaluations to teams of employees, track completion of these evaluations, and review performance. For employees, performance review is accessible to individuals who have completed the survey as well as to team leaders to understand where their team members’ skills complement one another or where skill gaps exist.
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