Changing the face of America's prosecutors

Color of Change, a leading organization in the Black Lives Matter movement, wanted to change the face of American’s local prosecutors. Ninety precent of the time these prosecutors run unopposed and make some of the biggest decisions when it comes to who gets incarcerated. I led the branding, design, and messaging on this project while working closely product team to create a call to action that was backed by actual prosecutor data.
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In an agile environment, we worked with the entire Color of Change team to find the soul of this movement. It wasn’t one that was obsessed with facts, nor one that wanted to damn the man. It was a movement fighting for justice against mass incarnation. We put this message front and center and used this as a way to encourage people to sign up for squads. Squads were teams of activists who would rally and educate local communities about their prosecutors and use the our site's first national prosector database to change the face of prosecutors across the country.
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